Dear Diary,

The month of October was scarier than usual this year. We listened, mesmerized and terrified, through the last presidential debate. We watched, horrified, through news coverage on the election, on Russia, on Syria, on Hurricane Matthew, on basically all of the things coming out of Tomi Lahren’s mouth. Clowns were actually trying to kill people. People were dressing up as Harley Quinn when they probably shouldn’t have been dressing up like Harley Quinn. The bees are dying off, and the Bubonic Plague re-surfaced in Africa. One of the most frightening things though, was happening right here in the land of the free. Many American people could not handle the prospect of a female president, and the reactions were spooky. What is this world coming to when things like #repealthe19th are splattered all over social media? Bone-chilling. When nearly a dozen women have come forward and accused a presidential candidate (he who shall not be named) of sexual assault, and it’s no big deal? When federal judges around the country are trying to prevent women’s health clinics from receiving public and Medicaid funding? It’s gruesome! When tampons are still being taxed as luxury items and people joke about it?! Yea, it’s totally a laughing matter to bleed for 5 days while feeling like someone is punching you in the kidneys. Thankfully we have these mystery ingredient synthetic “cotton” things attached to a string to help us out, not out of necessity…out of pure luxury! I feel so spoiled every month. Really, it’s almost too much. How about when women breastfeeding are considered disgusting, unprofessional and distracting? When some absolutely CRAZY person says they would overturn Roe vs. Wade? Abominable! It’s pretty scary when WOMEN themseleves defend misogynistic rhetoric, like insisting that “grabbing her by the pussy” is hardly the worst thing they’ve heard a man say? Sheesh. It gives me goosebumps.

This October was almost as scary as the year that razor blades were a popular Halloween candy. It was like a vivid nightmare where a belligerent red-faced man with a backward toupee gets handed a microphone and you have to listen to him speak for hours!! Thank goodness for November, it was beginning to feel a little too real.