Dear Diary,

Having been the loving owner of a white cat for nearly a decade, the choppy waters of white cat privilege have generally remained unchartered. Mostly for the sake of Sassy, but also to avoid dismantling the fragile emotions of many other beautiful white cats I’ve encountered and befriended over the years, I’ve tried to stay in the shallow end of the sea. The unfortunate circumstances of the current state of affairs, have pushed me to remain quiet no longer. Not to negate Sassy’s perhaps tumultuous early months, but once she was placed into my arms she has enjoyed a wholly privileged life. She never suffered the glare of superstitious humans as they scowled past cages of innocent black kitties. She’ll never know the back alley streets littered with unwanted multi-colored felines, whose mothers don’t have access to proper healthcare. Sassy has never been a symbol of bad luck or anarchy, as her black counterparts have been unfairly pegged. Religion has spared her as well, while her dark-furred family has been tortured and killed; falsely being accused of satanic and demonic practices. Friends rarely shield their eyes or leather purses, when they encounter her for the first time. Naive friends who mistake her delicate beauty for innocence, negate that she too, like her feline brothers and sisters, is a wild animal at heart. I ashamedly allow her to paw and slap my face each morning, enforcing her dominance and white cat privilege. I too, am guilty of answering her every meow and prayer on command. But we must remember, while white cats, and the occasional ginger, typically enjoy a life of luxury, all cats can scratch your eye out. We must treat all felines with equal respect, regardless of coat and color, and occasionally put the spoiled white house cat in her place.


Mad Swan