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“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” Rachel Zoe

For a dancer, the body is the prized instrument. In conjunction with countless hours of blood, sweat and tears, Art is produced by this living breathing vessel of flesh and bone.  Of course, for performance the body is adorned in costume with care for the integrity of piece.  But in the day to day lives of dancers, does personal style effect ones identity? And what message are we portraying in what we wear?

In this 2 part series of TheBend BODY, we will take a look at studio style of top professionals.  Joffrey Ballet’s leading lady, Anna Gerberich will kick us off with sharing her personal style favorites, as well as what is most appropriate for every scenario in the studio.

As a young prodigy at CPYB (Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet), Anna quickly understood the value of impeccable technique, executing perfect pirouettes and thrilling grand allegros.  As Anna grew as an artist, she also learned to develop individuality to stand out from crowd and obtain the ravishing roles and prestigious awards that would follow.  Style has undoubtedly contributed to developing her personal identity.

“Style has a huge impact of your identity in a company. In dance, you have to make an impression very quickly. Personal style shows your personality as a dancer to a choreographer and a director.”
Anna Gerberich, Joffrey Ballet

For Anna, her surroundings are what what triggers her style inspiration.  Living in Chicago now, her look is a bit edgier, dark, and full of patterns, brought upon by the architecture and bustling city life around her.  Contrary to her current setting, while working in a company in the South, Anna found herself wearing lighter colors and pieces that flow.

“Currently, I am loving HeidiHat bottoms and skirts!  That are so comfortable, and move seamlessly while I dance.  They are so versatile which is great for my busy schedule and great for travel too.  I can wear them to rehearsal, yoga, to the gym, shopping, or even a night on the town.  The bold, colorful patterns give an edgy statement which I find empowering.”

The Aspen-based fashion house, HeidiHat, produces athletic inspired clothing, hot shorts, skirts and leggings, and are a true gem to professional dancers all around the world.  The Mother/Daughter team, Kelly Nemirow and Heidi Wade design the line with a focus on comfortable, strong, athletic women. The ladies are no strangers to dance. “The movements of dance and dancers inspires our line because of the innate elegance and refinement that dancers possess.  We are constantly taking into account their needs while creating.  The product works exceptionally well for movement because the fabrics are lightweight, breathable and stretchy, and also easy to rinse in a hotel room while on tour.”

Back in Chicago, Ms. Gerberich has truly found her style stride and has realized the impact of how she presents herself from day to day.  “If I don’t connect with the part or piece I am working on, I don’t feel invested in my work.  I like looking and feeling like an athlete or a super hero, who is ready to conquer the day ahead.”

As Spring has sprung, it is time to refreshen, reawaken, and maybe even re-style?  Is your signature look enhancing your work? Image? Roles?  With the new season, dive a little deeper into your own style, and be present in the process.

Kelly Nemirow
Kelly NemirowCo-Founder Heidi Hat
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Samantha Klanac Campanile
Samantha Klanac CampanileColumnist | Dancer