Dear Diary,

Remember when I said that October was the scariest thing that happened this year? Oops. In my wildest nightmares I could not have fathomed the situation that is happening in America right now. I’d take the scary clowns over this. At least they were easy to spot in a crowd, and they weren’t disguised as someone pretending to be friendly and wearing a safety pin. But you know, if there is one thing we don’t need right now, it’s another person ranting. So I’m going to take this opportunity to be positive. I’m tired of being bombarded with anger and hate, facebook arguments and misleading journalism. So I’ve taken some time to figure what I can do personally, to save this country from destruction. Even if the difference it makes is minuscule, it’s still better than sitting at home complaining on twitter.

I’m working hard to become a conscious consumer. What we buy holds great power over the economy and the success of businesses. If everyone collectedly boycotted certain brands and products, those companies would definitely suffer. Look into things you’re passionate about and make sure companies you support are utilizing ethical business tactics. Some of the most prosperous multinational organizations operate under very low standards. Animal cruelty, child labor, human rights abuse, taking advantage of the private prison system, and catering to the destruction of the environment are common practice for quite a few of them. If you do your research, you’d be surprised at how some of your favorite companies are maintaining their success. Hold these companies accountable and don’t give them your money. Boycott things like Black Friday and Boxing Day sales. It seems impossible I know, but these are just consumer traps that generate millions of dollars each year (and the occasional death of innocent people trampled under consumer mania).  If these companies won’t listen to our voices demanding social resposibility, they’ll listen to our dollars.

I’m trying to do background checks on the sources that provide me with the news. With Facebook becoming an ever popular source of information, there’s a lot of crap floating out there that just isn’t true. The onslaught of misinformation and false journalism on social media can have serious repercussions on the real world. It provides instant access, circulation and impact, and can lead to a lot of confusion, without some truth checking. I didn’t de-friend anyone who voted for “He Who Shall Not Be Named” (well, maybe a few), but I did de-friend people sharing Tomi Lahren videos on my newsfeed. We have to discredit propaganda and impassioned lies before they start spreading like wild fire.

Gabrielle Salvatto_Interview en L'air

I’m reaching out to different people and groups that are trying to make a positive impact and difference TODAY. They’re easier to find than  you would think. Facebook has actually been a great resource for me in discovering community meetings and organizations. People want to have conversations and mobilize in ways that don’t always involve protesting in the streets. There are so many ways in which we can come together right now, in support and respect for each other. It’s easy to be angry and scared and confused, but we just have to remember there are a lot of like-minded individuals out there feeling the same way. Even those who think differently, might also need support and a little understanding. Don’t just bash everything you dislike on Twitter. Instead, take the time to have respectful conversations, sign petitions and be proactive. Support the arts, support organizations that need help, and support your friends and family. We need each other now more than ever.


Mad Swan