Dancelab 9

Dancelab 9

An inside look at the rehearsals for the Dancelab 9 program at Theater Basel. The dancers get a chance to choreograph for the stage. Featuring Ballet Theater Basel.

Dancelab9 is premiering at the Theater Basel on May 24th. For more information about how you can get tickets, please visit:

Inside Ballet Theater Basel – Introducing a new creative blog about the life of Ballet Theater Basel. A behind the scenes journal where the public can discover a new perspective vision of a ballet and a ballet company today.

Video by Armando Braswell


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About the Author:

Armando Braswell
Armando Braswell is a soloist dancer and international guest teacher from New York City. Armando received his Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree in Dance from the Juilliard School in 2006. Throughout his career, Armando has been fortunate enough to work with many great choreographers, and perform with professional companies in Europe and America. Armando founded Interview en l’air as a portal for networking and stimulating dance makers at the international level and as an inspiration and impetus to the discourse on dance and debates on the topics of dance professionals and artists and what drives them. In addition to his artistic activities, Armando is also active in the journalistic field . The importance of this work , which gives an insight into the thoughts and inspiration of dance artists worldwide , and which he publishes regularly in his series Interview en l’air , is of a big importance and enriching the world of dance with special human perspectives on the creative horizon of dance artists .


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